Morgan Cassidy, partner at Jeffrey Murray Law, focused on her computer, guiding Ontario business registration processes.

How to Register a Business in Ontario

Starting a business in Ontario can be exciting, but the registration process can seem daunting. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to register your business in Ontario. From choosing a business structure to navigating legal requirements, ...
An elderly couple spending time with their grandson

Understanding Joint Assets in Estates: What You Need to Know

As estates lawyers, we understand the importance of providing accurate advice to estate trustees regarding the taxation of joint assets in the administration of estates. In this article, we will shed light on joint assets and their implications on estate ...
An image displaying an elderly couple on a porch discussing their power of attorney with a lawyer

Exploring the Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Ensuring the protection of your healthcare decisions when you are unable to make them yourself is of utmost importance. In such situations, a power of attorney for personal care serves as a vital legal solution to address this concern. This ...
Photo of a couple meeting with an estate lawyer to collaborate in probate planning for their will, including a secondary will for efficient asset distribution and minimized delays

Wills Including Secondary Wills for Probate Planning

Probate planning is a crucial aspect of estate management, ensuring a smooth transfer of assets. Financial institutions, such as banks, trust companies, and insurance companies, play a significant role in this process. In this article, we will delve into the ...
A grandmother walking with her special needs grandchild

Henson Trusts: A Guide for Special Needs Planning

When it comes to planning for the future of a loved one with special needs, many families consider setting up a Henson trust. This type of trust is specifically designed to provide financial support for a person with a disability, ...
Corporate Succession Planning with Jeffrey Murray

Corporate Retirement Succession Planning: Our Services

Everyone knows the importance of preparing a will to protect your loved ones when you pass away. But if you’re a business owner, your offspring aren’t your only “children” — you also have your company to think about.  No matter ...

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