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You’re the boss of your own business, but that doesn’t mean you should do everything alone. As a manager, you should know how important it is to delegate tasks elsewhere to focus your energy and attention on where it can help the most. Law is no exception.

However big or small your legal needs are, we’ll take the time to understand your company’s operations and plans for the future to ensure you have the right strategies in place at Jeffrey Murray Law.

We’ve worked with countless companies in Belleville, Ontario to help them reach their goals and manage their operations. We can guide you through most key lawyer services involved in business, including those listed below.


If you’re at the very start of your business journey, it’s essential to begin as you intend to continue. To do that, you need to ensure you have the right structure and agreements in place from the get-go, both to protect yourself and optimize for tax obligations.

At Jeffrey Murray Law, we’ve worked with various local firms in Belleville to get off to a flying start in business, and we love watching them flourish over time. Could you be our next success story?


Is it time for your company to take the next step in its journey by merging with or acquiring another entity? There’s plenty that can go wrong during amalgamations, which is why it’s so important to recruit a business lawyer to analyze your agreements and commitments. To protect your best interest and understand the legal implications of each process, don’t skip on business lawyer services.


If you’ve decided your business has hit the end of the road, it may be time to dissolve the company and move on to the next thing. While you might assume this a simple process, there are numerous considerations, such as checking you’ve paid off any tax debt and that you’ve complied with your contractual obligations.

To avoid making unnecessary mistakes and facing the financial consequences, it’s best to go through the dissolution process with a business lawyer on hand.


Annual Corporate Maintenance

No business can be run without its fair share of red tape, and annual corporate maintenance is a must for any company in Belleville. Under the Ontario Business Corporations Act (and the national equivalent), you need to produce annual financial statements for directors and shareholders. This includes bylaws, resolutions, and share issuances.

Business lawyer services can help you meet your obligations with as little stress as possible.

Purchase and Sales Agreements

Whether you’re looking to exchange real estate or another asset, purchase and sales agreements are there to outline the rights and responsibilities of each party. As well as crucial details like prices, they can include instructions for what to do in special circumstances, such as the asset being damaged.

Our business lawyer services include helping with negotiation and reviewing your contracts before you sign them.

Corporate Law - FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services. First, let's review what you need to bring to your first appointment.

We are required to verify your photo ID (ie: Driver’s License, Passport). Please make sure it is not expired.

Other helpful information such as where your corporation banks, who your accountant is and who your shareholders are/will be can be brought to your initial appointment, if known.

We offer virtual instruction and signing appointments using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Facetime.

Yes, absolutely- at your instruction, we work with your Accountant to make sure that everything is recorded properly and registered with the Ontario Ministry.

We can also assist with completing your annual Corporate filings for the Ontario government.

We can assist with requesting/transferring your Minute Books from another law or accounting office. If there are no physical Minute Books in existence, we can assist you in preparing same.

We can help with many of your corporate needs, from setting up a new corporation, to annual corporate maintenance, to preparing a shareholders’ agreement, to selling or winding up your company, and much more in between!

Our fees vary based on the service you require. Once we have more information about your requested services, we’d be happy to provide you with an initial quote.

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