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Our team of seasoned notaries is dedicated to offering you a seamless and professional experience for all your notarial needs. Recognizing the importance of legal documentation in various aspects of life, we are committed to ensuring the accuracy, legitimacy, and compliance of your documents. Please be advised that appointments are required for all our notary public services, allowing us to give you the personalized attention and expertise you deserve.

  • Appointments: Ensure to schedule an appointment for all notary public services.
  • Documentation Preparation: Please have all your documents ready for notarization; we do not prepare documentation for notarial services.

Certified Copies

What it is:

A Certified Copy is a replicated version of an original document, officially verified by a notary public as an exact and unaltered duplicate of the original. This process is employed when presenting official documents, such as identification, government papers, or educational credentials, to a third party. The original document is often unique, and giving it away becomes impractical. Standard photocopies are susceptible to tampering or alterations, making a Certified Copy crucial as it serves as objective evidence of the accuracy of the image.

What we do:

We'll meticulously compare the original document with the copy, with the option for us to handle the photocopying. This involves verifying that the copy is faithful to the original, remains unaltered, and all details precisely match. Our notaries are adept at ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the Certified Copy. This process provides you with a legally validated duplicate that can be confidently presented to third parties.

We understand the importance of efficiency in notarizing Certified Copies. Our team can readily assist you promptly and effortlessly with your True Copy requirements. Get in touch today, and let us help you ensure the reliability of your replicated documents.


What it is:

Obtaining a notarized copy of a diploma involves notarizing an individual's educational achievement. This service is often required for professional or academic purposes, such as job applications or further education. The notary ensures that the diploma copy is authentic and legally recognized.

What we do:

We verify the authenticity of the original diploma and provide an official notarized copy to you. This notarized copy carries our seal and signature, confirming its accuracy and legitimacy for use in various official capacities.

Passport Forms & Applications

What it is:

Navigating the complex process of passport applications involves notarizing the required forms and documents. The notary assists individuals in ensuring that their passport applications meet legal standards and are accurately notarized, streamlining the application process.

What we do:

We guide individuals through the notarization of passport forms and applications. Then, we review the documents, verify the accuracy of the information, and officially notarize the necessary paperwork.

A man with a Canadian passport and boarding pass looks at the airport departure

Name Change Application

What it is:

A name change application involves legally changing an individual's name, and the notary's role is to notarize the relevant documents associated with this process. This service is crucial for individuals changing names due to marriage, divorce, or personal preference.

What we do:

We'll assist you in notarizing the name change application documents. Then, we'll review the paperwork, confirm the accuracy of the information, and provide the official notarization needed to validate the name change process in a legal context.

Please note: A statutory declaration is required and must be completed in full prior to notarization.

Letter of Consent to Travel

What it is:

A Notarized Consent to Travel becomes a vital document at international borders when a child embarks on international travel without one or both parents.

This letter, sworn or declared by the parent(s) remaining in Canada, serves as a clear affirmation that the child has explicit permission to travel abroad with the accompanying adult(s). It acts as a crucial legal document, ensuring a smooth and secure passage for the child and providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

What we do:

We verify the letter's authenticity, ensuring it meets legal requirements and provides an additional layer of confidence for all parties involved.

Real Estate Closing Documents

Real estate closings involve crucial considerations. As lawyers, we provide comprehensive real estate assistance, including real estate closings. If you're in need of legal advice, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

If you already have legal representation and the appropriate documents, please review your document with us before visiting our office. If witnesses are needed, bring the required number of witnesses.

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