What to Expect When You Work With J Murray Law

What to expect when working with the lawyers of J Murray Law

Whether you want to reorganize your business structure or simply buy a house, working with a new legal professional for the first time can be daunting — especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. We never want our clients to feel like they’re taking a massive leap of faith when they sign up for our services, so we try to ensure you know what to expect when you work with Jeffrey Murray Law.

Every case is unique, but here are some universal principles our team applies to everything they do.


Most people don’t associate legal work with empowerment. It’s easy for the balance of power to swing heavily toward the law professional when they’re the one holding all the knowledge, leaving the client to nod along and stay silent.

But we firmly believe that you should be at the center of every decision made. We make sure to always learn about you, your circumstances, and your objectives to maximize our chances of delivering the right outcome. If you want to speak up or ask questions at any time, it’s highly encouraged. 


As part of our mission to empower you, we want to make sure that you genuinely understand what’s happening throughout the process.

We don’t just smother you with legal jargon — we aim to talk to you in a language that you’ll understand. Relatability and clarity are at the forefront of our mind in everything we do, right from the get-go.


Inside our offices, we might be the ones in control and holding all the cards. But outside of that environment, we’re people just like you, and we know what it feels like to put blind trust in a professional — whether that’s a dentist or a plumber. So, we know how important it is to be approachable.

Whether you have a major concern or you want to make a slight alteration to our process, we want to make you feel like there’s nothing you can’t ask. We pride ourselves on being involved in our local community, and part of that means maintaining an approachable reputation.


Gone are the days when every legal process has to follow a stringent step-by-step framework. Although we still have to follow the rules and regulations when working, we try not to pass all that rigidity on to our clients. Instead, we aim to offer tailored and practical solutions. 

That’s why we offer virtual consultations and meetings. Why should you always have to travel to us when we all have the technology to go about things slightly differently? We also strive to take note of your particular interests and concerns so we can go about our process in the way that suits you best.

Don’t be a stranger

Hopefully, the pointers above give you a taster of our approach and what we can offer — but this is just skimming the surface. For a more personalized breakdown of how we can help you and what kind of process you can expect, we recommend reaching out to us directly. 

To find out more about how we apply our values to wills and estate law, real estate law, and business law, contact us today.

DISCLAIMER: This website is for general information purposes only. Readers are cautioned to obtain legal advice as early as possible directly from a lawyer regarding the particular circumstances of their own situation. Do not rely on the information you find here as constituting legal advice as it is not possible to provide complete answers to any given question without a retainer that includes a detailed review of your situation.

Jeffrey Murray, A Belleville Lawyer

A Clear Way Forward

Legal services should make your life easier rather than harder. We’re here to empower you; not to bombard you with information you don’t understand.

At Jeffrey Murray Law, we consider ourselves part of the local community and want to get to know our clients as individuals with their own needs and goals first and foremost.

We’ve consistently demonstrated a commitment to meeting our clients where they are today and adapting to those needs. That means explaining each step of the process in plain English so you understand what’s happening, and we even offer virtual consultations to ensure that your schedule won’t hold you back. For Belleville Lawyers, look no further.

Jeffrey Murray